Composite Deck Cleaning Procedures

Our new FPV decks constructed during the 2012-2014 paint cycle are made from TimberTech TwinFinish wood/plastic composite material (Color: Gray). Periodic power washing will be done by the FPV Maintenance Manager. If you think your TimberTech deck’s condition warrants attention at other times, you may submit a work order and a determination will be made.

As part of routine maintenance, non-conforming wood decks will be evaluated periodically for cleaning. Power washing is not recommended as it may remove paint from the deck surface.

It is preferred that cleaning of the TimberTech decks be done only by our maintenance staff. However, any owners attempting to clean their decks themselves must follow these manufacturer’s recommendations:

Acceptable Cleaning Products

  • Corte Clean (eco-friendly)
  • Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner
  • Thompsons’ Water Seal Oxy Foaming Action Cleaner

Do not use chlorine bleach!

Hosing off occasionally with plain water or washing with a simple mild soap/water solution is helpful, as is regular sweeping or blowing off of loose debris, which our landscape workers have been instructed to do.

If a power washer is used, the recommended maximum pressure is 1500 psi. A fan tip nozzle should be used along with the proper cleaning product. Spray in the direction of the brush/grain pattern to avoid damaging the product.

Ice: For ice removal, rock salt or calcium chloride may be used without damage to the surface but may leave a white residue which can be removed by rinsing with water or a mild soap and water solution. Use care not to damage the surface when shoveling. 

Mildew: TimberTech products are formulated to inhibit mildew and minimize staining. Rinse off periodically with a hose. Even if decking appears clean, it is important to prevent build-up of pollens, grass, dirt and debris which provide food sources for mildew growth. Maintaining a clean, dry surface is the best method for combating mildew. NO BLEACH!

Spot Stains: Many stains can be cleaned with soap and water. If stains have set, the following cleaners may be helpful. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. Areas cleaned may lighten and could require 8-10 weeks exposure to the sun to match. Tree Sap: Krud Kutter or Simple Green. Spray Paint: Lift Off #4. Oil, Grease: Krud Kutter or Oil Eater. BBQ, Ketchup, Mustard, Jam: Krud Kutter. Wine: Wine Away. Kool-Aid: OxiClean

If stains have set, you may use fine sandpaper lightly, followed by a wire brush to re-grain the decking. Always follow the wood grain finish of the plank. The sanded area will weather back in approximately 8-10 weeks.

Scratches, Nicks, Cuts, and Grooves can be eliminated by using a wire brush. Brush in the direction of the grain of the product. The brushed area will weather back in approximately 8-10 weeks.

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