Annual Farrar Pond Associates Meeting

Several residents of Farrar Pond Village attended the annual meeting of the Farrar Pond Associates, an association of pond abutters and others who are concerned with the management of Farrar Pond. Two documents distributed at the meeting are available on the web:

The Farrar Pond Long Range Plan, which gives an overview of the issues and management plan for the pond.

The Solitude Lake Management Report, which gives details of this year’s pond survey and treatment, with recommendations for next year’s work.

A few other items of note:

  • Because of the drought, there will not be pond drawdown this year.
  • Farrar Pond Associates has made an application to AmeriCorps for assistance with trail work next summer. If accepted, this group will spend a few weeks stabilizing some of the more eroded sections of trail on the south side of the pond.

The work of the Farrar Pond Associates is entirely funded by donations. An appeal will be sent out in the coming months; your assistance would be very much appreciated.

Farrar Pond Village’s representatives to the Farrar Pond Associates are Kathy Garner and Marilyn Hallock.

Farrar Pond Aquatic Vegetation Management Report

The 2015 Aquatic Vegetation Management Report for Farrar Pond is available here. This report includes a summary of the surveys and treatment performed by Aquatic Control Technology to manage invasive aquatic vegetation species Cabomba caroliniana (Fanwort) and nuisance filamentous algae on behalf of the Farrar Pond Association. (Note that Farrar Pond Association is a different organization than Farrar Associates (our homeowners association). Farrar Pond Association is an unincorporated organization of all interested pond abutters. Our representatives to the Farrar Pond Association are Kathy Garner and Marilyn Hallock.)

2015 Aquatic Vegetation Management Report for Farrar Pond

Annual Meeting of Farrar Pond Associates

Several residents of Farrar Pond Village attended a recent meeting of the Farrar Pond Associates: attendees included our designated representatives to the Associates, Kathy Garner and Marilyn Hallock, along with Bob and Ginny Lemire, Stephanie Smoot, and Leslie Turek. Presentations included a report on the environmental state of the pond by a representative of Aquatic Control Technology and a progress report from the long-range planning committee. (The environmental report is not yet available, but you can read the planning progress report here: FarrarPondPlanningProgressReport)

The pond status is generally good. The water clarity is excellent. Efforts are being made to control invasive plants. Some water chestnut is present in the eastern end, but has been handled by hand pulling. Spot treatments have been made to control fanwort (which looks like bright green cotton balls), and it is getting beaten back. They are keeping an eye on curly pondweed.

Algae has been a problem; the cause is not clear. The phosphorus levels are not particularly high. Some spot-treatments with a copper-based algaecide have been made, but they have only a temporary effect. This is something that will be looked into further. The mercury levels in the pond are similar to other ponds in Massachusetts.

Some trail erosion has been noted, particularly near Pincushion Island and the southeast corner of the pond, where the trails run along steep slopes. The group approved getting an estimate from Jim Henderson for the cost of repairs.

Aleric Naiman reported on the web site, This is a great resource for information about the pond, and includes lots photographs and maps, with information about plants, animals, history, and geology.

Some background information: Farrar Pond Associates is a voluntary neighborhood association of property owners and abutters of Farrar Pond whose purpose is to preserve and maintain the environment of the Pond and its surroundings in accordance with current law and good environmental practice. Until a few years ago, Farrar Pond Village made an annual donation to the Associates, but has not donated for the past few years. (Lincoln Ridge continues to donate at the rate of $1200-$1500 per year.) I hope that we will consider resuming our support for this important organization that maintains the pond and conservation land that is so important to our community’s character (and property values).

Turtle eggs have hatched

Earlier this year, we reported on a cache of snapping turtle eggs laid near a sidewalk in Hemlock Circle. (See report and video.) Now Alice Henry sends the following update:

Yesterday Doug Meade and I dug up the turtle nest and this is what we discovered.

The turtle eggs were due to hatch around the 2nd week of August. Nothing seemed to happen. The ground was undisturbed except for a small hole about the size of a chipmunk’s. Was that a hole of a predator or the exit for the turtles? Since we were well past the hatch date Doug Meade and I decided to explore the nesting site. What we found were lots of empty eggshells, all soft and leathery like those laid by turtles. All of the turtles hatched and must have used a common exit tunnel rather than digging them individually. So while we missed the hatch, we did find evidence that all snapping turtles hatched and have left the nest.

Here are some photos:




Fall Garden Cleanup

From Picking Garden Coordinator Alice Henry:

Thank you for all your care this summer for the picking garden. It’s time for us to prepare the garden for the winter months. We are doing a fall clean up on Saturday, October 24th. If we have a group of 10 or so people then the clean up goes quickly – less than 2 hours. It’s also a nice way to meet the other gardeners and reconnect with friends. Please plan to meet at the garden at 9:30. If it rains, we will clean up the garden on Sunday October 26th, also at 9:30. Please email me if you are able to help.

Circle Meetings

Two Circle Meetings are planned this fall.  Residents will have an opportunity to discuss various issues currently before the Board as we prepare for the Annual Meeting on October 20, 2015.  Most importantly, the Circle meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss and answer any questions regarding the upcoming change in the election process for new members of the Board of Managers.  All residents are welcome at either or both of these meetings.

Tuesday, October 6th at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesday, October 7th at 7:30 p.m.
At the home of Carol Boris, 312 Hemlock Circle

In order to have enough seating for each meeting please RSVP if possible to the following:

Carol Boris 259-8038 or
Diana Glendon 259-8924 or


Summer Picnic Photos

We had perfect weather for our summer picnic this year. It was a good time to meet some of our new residents and bid farewell to a few who are leaving us. Many thanks to everyone who set up the canopies, moved the picnic tables and grills, brought wonderful food and decorations, and helped make the picnic a success!

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.

Summer Cookout Reminder

Our summer cookout will be held from noon to 2pm on Saturday, June 13. A variety of complementary beverages, including our world famous margaritas, will be available to complement our chef’s offerings of hamburgers (made from organic grass-fed beef!), “Kip’s Sausage”, hot dogs and veggie burgers. We welcome any contribution of salads (including dressing) or desserts. Meet at the entrance to Aspen Circle. In case of rain, meet at the carport for the 15x Chestnut Circle cluster. Your check for $10, made payable to the FPV Hospitality Committee, should be sent to Peggy Schmertzler, 142 Chestnut, as soon as possible.