Farrar Pond Village is organized as an association of Unit Owners. Its primary goal is to provide a high quality of life for residents in an attractive, quiet, secure, and friendly community. In addition, the Association is committed to maintaining and improving the site so as to enhance the investment value of the units. Farrar Associates manages Farrar Pond Village through an elected Board of Managers and in conjunction with Barkan Management Company, employed by the Board to provide a range of day-to-day professional services. But it is really the active support and involvement of all Unit Owners that are critical to the success of our community. Residents have found that there are many ways they personally can make contributions to the Village that enhance the pleasure of living here.

Board of Managers

The Board of Managers consists of seven resident Unit Owners (or immediate family members), at least one from each circle, elected by the Unit Owners at the Association’s annual meeting. Each member’s term of office is three years. The terms are staggered, so those elected each year replace the two or three members whose terms have expired. Members may not serve consecutive terms; there must be at least a one-year hiatus between terms.

Immediately following each annual meeting, the Board of Managers elects from its members a President and a Vice President. It also elects a Treasurer and a Clerk, who may be selected from the members of the Board but are not required to be.

The Board is required to meet at least twice each year but, in fact, meets at least monthly.

The Board establishes the annual budget for the Village and sets the monthly fees for each unit. It makes sure that expenditures are appropriate, tracks these against the budget, and initiates an annual review or audit of the finances. It makes certain that sufficient reserve funds are set aside and are properly invested. It also ensures that the Village carries the proper types and amounts of insurance.

The Board monitors the condition of the buildings and grounds and ensures a high level of maintenance, repair, and improvement that preserves our distinctive environment and protects the value of our property. It establishes the policies that guide the changes that Unit Owners may make to their units and to the landscaping.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee manages the investment of the Association’s funds and advises the Board on long-range financial planning.

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee advises the Board on landscape maintenance and improvements and works toward a long-term plan and vision for the FPV landscape. It develops plans for the replacement of aged foundation plantings and the renewal of the plantings in the common areas throughout the Village. It also receives and evaluates requests by Unit Owners for planting changes and/or additions in their immediate area.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee strives to create a friendly and open atmosphere throughout our community. To that end, it organizes two social events during the year. In early June, a picnic/cookout is held on the grounds and includes a round-robin tennis tournament. On a weekend night in early December, a holiday gathering is held for all residents of the Village. In addition, the Hospitality Committee welcomes new Unit Owners and provides refreshments for a reception prior to our annual meeting in October.

Garden Committee

The Garden Committee is responsible for the vegetable and picking garden policies, and organizes the garden setup and teardown each year.

Website Committee

The Website Committee maintains the website.


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