Annual Farrar Pond Associates Meeting

Several residents of Farrar Pond Village attended the annual meeting of the Farrar Pond Associates, an association of pond abutters and others who are concerned with the management of Farrar Pond. Two documents distributed at the meeting are available on the web:

The Farrar Pond Long Range Plan, which gives an overview of the issues and management plan for the pond.

The Solitude Lake Management Report, which gives details of this year’s pond survey and treatment, with recommendations for next year’s work.

A few other items of note:

  • Because of the drought, there will not be pond drawdown this year.
  • Farrar Pond Associates has made an application to AmeriCorps for assistance with trail work next summer. If accepted, this group will spend a few weeks stabilizing some of the more eroded sections of trail on the south side of the pond.

The work of the Farrar Pond Associates is entirely funded by donations. An appeal will be sent out in the coming months; your assistance would be very much appreciated.

Farrar Pond Village’s representatives to the Farrar Pond Associates are Kathy Garner and Marilyn Hallock.

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