Annual Meeting of Farrar Pond Associates

Several residents of Farrar Pond Village attended a recent meeting of the Farrar Pond Associates: attendees included our designated representatives to the Associates, Kathy Garner and Marilyn Hallock, along with Bob and Ginny Lemire, Stephanie Smoot, and Leslie Turek. Presentations included a report on the environmental state of the pond by a representative of Aquatic Control Technology and a progress report from the long-range planning committee. (The environmental report is not yet available, but you can read the planning progress report here: FarrarPondPlanningProgressReport)

The pond status is generally good. The water clarity is excellent. Efforts are being made to control invasive plants. Some water chestnut is present in the eastern end, but has been handled by hand pulling. Spot treatments have been made to control fanwort (which looks like bright green cotton balls), and it is getting beaten back. They are keeping an eye on curly pondweed.

Algae has been a problem; the cause is not clear. The phosphorus levels are not particularly high. Some spot-treatments with a copper-based algaecide have been made, but they have only a temporary effect. This is something that will be looked into further. The mercury levels in the pond are similar to other ponds in Massachusetts.

Some trail erosion has been noted, particularly near Pincushion Island and the southeast corner of the pond, where the trails run along steep slopes. The group approved getting an estimate from Jim Henderson for the cost of repairs.

Aleric Naiman reported on the web site, This is a great resource for information about the pond, and includes lots photographs and maps, with information about plants, animals, history, and geology.

Some background information: Farrar Pond Associates is a voluntary neighborhood association of property owners and abutters of Farrar Pond whose purpose is to preserve and maintain the environment of the Pond and its surroundings in accordance with current law and good environmental practice. Until a few years ago, Farrar Pond Village made an annual donation to the Associates, but has not donated for the past few years. (Lincoln Ridge continues to donate at the rate of $1200-$1500 per year.) I hope that we will consider resuming our support for this important organization that maintains the pond and conservation land that is so important to our community’s character (and property values).

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  1. In addition to above, the pond and trails are a wonderful, all-season, all natural recreational amenity as well. Thanks for the report.

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