Turtle eggs have hatched

Earlier this year, we reported on a cache of snapping turtle eggs laid near a sidewalk in Hemlock Circle. (See report and video.) Now Alice Henry sends the following update:

Yesterday Doug Meade and I dug up the turtle nest and this is what we discovered.

The turtle eggs were due to hatch around the 2nd week of August. Nothing seemed to happen. The ground was undisturbed except for a small hole about the size of a chipmunk’s. Was that a hole of a predator or the exit for the turtles? Since we were well past the hatch date Doug Meade and I decided to explore the nesting site. What we found were lots of empty eggshells, all soft and leathery like those laid by turtles. All of the turtles hatched and must have used a common exit tunnel rather than digging them individually. So while we missed the hatch, we did find evidence that all snapping turtles hatched and have left the nest.

Here are some photos:




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