The compost is up and running!

Thanks to our new Compost Czar, Sasha Golden, the rotating compost bins in the garden area are now back in business. The compost bins were originally acquired to recycle some of our kitchen waste, reduce the load on our septic tanks, and to provide soil enrichment for our gardens. So they may be used by all Farrar Pond Village residents (not just the gardeners).

Here are Sasha’s instructions for composting:

    Chopped-up produce (other than citrus), eggshells and weed-free garden waste are welcome.

    PLEASE do NOT add citrus (including peels), meat, dairy or any yard waste which may include weed seeds.

    To ensure good decomposition, add an amount of hay equal to the amount of waste (from the bale next to the bins).

    If you are physically able, PLEASE give the barrel a turn or two when you are done.

If you have any questions, you can contact Sasha at