New spring plantings

Dee Smithers and her landscape crew did the first wave of spring planting last Monday, with more to come. Most of the work this year was filling in areas for overgrown trees and shrubs that had been previously removed, but we did install one new bed, near 113/114 Chestnut, to help conceal an electrical box. That bed got a mixture of evergreen and deciduous shrubs: Pieris ‘Dorothy Wycoff’, Prunus ‘Otto Luyken’, a Wilson rhododendron, and 3 Clethra ’16 Candles’, along with a selection of perennials. The crew did a great job planting amid a tangle of tree roots.

At the second entrance to Chestnut, we moved a Bottlebrush Buckeye that kept getting broken off by piles of snow pushed by plows to a safer location at the back end of the Chestnut Circle. There is plenty of room there for it to grow and flourish. In its place, we planted hostas and perennials that won’t be harmed by the winter plow pile.

At 213, where there were no foundation plantings, we added an ‘Emerald Green’ arborvitae, a fothergilla, and a ‘Blue Maid’ holly.

In the border in front of 221-223, we added a ‘Nova Zembla’ rhododendron. Behind the nearby garage we planted 2 Pieris ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ and a white azalea to replace some boxwood that had been removed due to winter damage. And in a bed near the parking, we added a Forsythia ‘Lynnwood Gold’. Further back, the crew pulled up a dead rhododendron, which will be replaced by an azalea in the next wave of planting.

On the wallkway to 231 where a large hemlock was removed, we planted doublefile viburnum.

At 236, where a large burning bush was removed, we planted a Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ and 2 pink azaleas.

At 344, an overgrown rhododendron removed and a holly was planted.

There are still a number of areas on are list that will be tackled soon – especially the bed near the entrance to Hemlock in front of 362, and the bed in front of the electrical box near the field across from Aspen. But we’re very happy about what has been done so far.