Disposal of yard waste and use of mulch

Residents who do landscape cleanup work around their units may dispose of yard waste in the garden parking area. Woody debris – tree and shrub branches and twigs – may be left in a pile near the fence. These will eventually be run through a wood chipper. Any other plant material that can’t be chipped, such as weeds, root balls with soil attached, potted plants, etc., may be left in the large green tubs.

Please use these areas for plant materials only! Any plastic or metal, such as flower pots, plastic or wire supports, twine, etc., must be deposited in the normal trash containers. (For your convenience, there is normally a trash bin located near the entrance to the parking area.)

After the spring mulching has been done, a small pile of mulch will be available in the parking area for individual residents to draw from. This may be used to mulch additional areas, such as the backs of the units, that were not included in the Valley Crest mulching. You may use one of the wheelbarrows stored in the stockade area if you return it promptly when you are done.