Landscape Committee reminder

Now that spring has finally sprung, we know everyone is eager to get out and spruce up the plantings around their units. We have been advised that Valley Crest will begin spring clean-up next week, weather permitting.

There has been some winter damage to shrubs, but not as much as we feared. When there are brown leaves on broadleaf evergreens, the recommended procedure is to wait a little while before pruning branches that appear dead. Often the branch is still alive and will generate new leaves in the coming weeks. So please bear with the brown branches a little while to give the shrubs a chance.

As a reminder, unit owners are allowed to plant annuals and perennials around their units, but any changes to the shrubs, trees, or planting beds must be approved by the Landscape Committee. You can send your request to The complete rules for changes to landscaping may be found in the Unit Owner’s Handbook, and you can also find a shorter summary here: Landscaping Information for Unit Owners