Chimney Cleaning

Please be advised that Farrar Associates arranges for the inspection and necessary cleaning of chimneys. If a chimney requires cleaning, Farrar Associates will coordinate and pay the cost when it is grouped with many others.

We are currently scheduling to have those units who regularly use their wood burning fireplaces inspected.    Please contact the Ed Pietras in our Maintenance Office (781-25-8661) as soon as possible to be placed on a list to have your fireplace inspected.

As a reminder, owners should only use seasoned hardwoods in their fireplace. Duraflame-type logs, pine, unseasoned wood, or anything containing pitch or other volatile oils should be avoided.

It is also important that you fully open the flue before lighting a fire and that you not close the flue until the fire is completely out.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact Jordan Recine at 617-482-5500.