Status of the Picking Garden

Cynthia Williams sends a million thanks to those of you who came out on Saturday morning to put the picking garden to bed. Headed up by Crew Chief Bill Meyer, who had already done an enormous amount of preliminary work, the following people put in hours of plant pulling, fence removing, tarp cleaning and folding, and general grunt work: Diane and David Clapp, Mike Coppock, Diana Glendon, David Wright, Bob Curtiss, Al Schmertzler, Alice Zaymore, Helen Stoddard, Helen Rush, Kathy Garner, Betty Kimnach, Betsy Reid, and her grandson.

Thank you one and all!

A reminder that the individual vegetable gardens must be cleaned up by Nov. 1 so Codman can come and till. Plants can remain in the ground, but all fences, tarps, and any other non-vegetative material much be removed by that date.

The future of the Picking Garden is uncertain, as no one has come forward to be in charge of the garden for the coming year. It would be a shame to lose this resource, which so many people enjoy, but we can’t have it unless someone agrees to manage it. Many people have volunteered to help, so it won’t be entirely on one person’s shoulders, but we do need someone to take responsibility for coordinating the whole project and making sure that the work gets done. If you have any interest, please talk to Cynthia, who can explain what the job entails. If we don’t have a volunteer by next March, the garden will not exist next year.