Summer Pruning

From Barkan: We apologize for the short notice; due to inclement weather the pruning schedule has been changed several times. However, now it is final. Please be advised that the summer shrub pruning will begin the week of July 21, 2014.

As described in the Spring Ponder, the Landscape Committee has recommended that we change our pruning approach to improve the health and vigor of our shrubs. Rather than just trimming back new growth each year, we are asking our pruning contractors to employ “thinning” or “drop crotch” pruning. This will open up the shrubs to light and air which will encourage new growth from the base of the plant.

In the past years, we have given residents the option of opting-out of pruning near their units, if they desire to do their own pruning. This year, we are encouraging everyone to participate in the general pruning and give the new approach a chance.

If you do choose to make other arrangements, there is a form available that you can fill out and drop at the office. You will find it in your mail slot, or can download it here: Summer Pruning Form