Outdoor water use restrictions

Some residents have been concerned about the Town of Lincoln’s outdoor watering restrictions. The detailed rules may be found on the town’s web site here. The particular provisions applicable to most residents are as follows:

Non-essential water use is restricted to the hours of 7pm to 7am on two days of the week. If your house address is even, the days are Tuesday and/or Thursday; for odd addresses the days are Wednesday and/or Friday.

Non-essential use includes watering of lawns via sprinklers or automatic systems, washing of vehicles (except for operator safety), and washing of building surfaces, walkways, etc.

The following activities are exempted from the restrictions:

  • Irrigation to establish new plantings during the months of May and September
  • Watering of plantings via a hand-held hose
  • Use of water for production of food (i.e., in vegetable gardens)