Garlic Mustard Pull Deferred to May 17

Everything is a little late coming out this spring, and the garlic mustard is no exception. Because it’s not in bloom yet, we have decided to move our combined Garlic Mustard Pull with Lincoln Ridge to May 17 at 9am. We’ll meet at the Office at 1 Kettlehole Drive, then join the group from Lincoln Ridge. Buzz Constable from the Conservation Commission will provide assistance and will transport the plants we pull to the town collection point. 

If you are unable to make that date, or would like to help out at another time, please contact Leslie Turek, who can provide you with identification instructions and collection bags. We could particularly use the help of some “spotters” who could let us know where this plant is lurking around the Village so that we can be sure to hit those areas during the May 17 work day.